HELLO! You can call me SKEETER! 
I'm 25 years old (1996) and living right outside of Philly. I'm currently working as a health&beauty manager at a grocery store 6 days out of the week. 

I don't watch supernatural or anything. i just don't trust any cishet spn fans. forreal you are createns. I only trust my mother and the LGBT+ community who enjoy this shit.

What's up? I'm Vaughn!! Some call me Garrett.
This is the ugliest page you'll ever see.

I LOVE BRADY 10.30.17.
I'm 22 years old, living in the usa.
I'm currently roomies w/ Marty, & my sister.
I like video games, horror movies, conspiracy theories, & 80/90's shit
I really love these guys so much. I talk about them sometimes.

i tend to mass retweet a lot. it's mostly art + funny shit.
i have depression, anxiety, & possible bipolar disorder.
I also have a bad memory.
I have trouble holding convos but i love meeting new ppl!
I have trouble writing out sentences properly, so please bear with me.

please warn for acrophobia (ex: people falling from high places),
self harm, ocular probes, incest, & pedophilia.

I have ID's & comfort characters linked below if you're interested!

i have a listography..easier to read!

bubble yum keeps it poppin'!!......