Hiya! You can call me either
Pickles or Skeeter! imageimage

 Taken by Skippy 
 May 15, 2019. 

25 image They/It image Bisexual image White

don't ask me about my gender. i'm just a thingamajiggy. 

image INTERESTS image

one piece, the legend of zelda, pokemon, yu-gi-oh!, pokemon, transformers, show by rock, the elder scrolls, resident evil, toontown, webkinz, animal crossing, sonic the hedgehog, ojamajo doremi.

plushies, youtube, drawing

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image Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece image
image Perona - One Piece image
image Link - The Legend of Zelda image
image Rapunzel - Disney's Tangled image
image Chris Redfield - Resident Evil image
image Serana - Skyrim image

image I'm okay with doubles! image


i can get RT Heavy at times & sometimes RT/Tweet NSFW shit.
i work at a grocery store 6 days of the week and i have adhd so my memory isn’t great. i’m sorry if i respond late or not at all.

image DO NOT FOLLOW IF image

you’re a bigot*, you’re against she/they gays and he/they lesbians, you think cishet aro/ace ppl are lgbt, you’re under 21 yrs old. (unless we're already mutuals!)